Tally ho! I wonder what happened to the rest of my body? It was last seen dancing at the disco, lost in a state of funkiness.. Anyway, drop me a line why don't you?
Is Cyriak your real name?

Yep, and it is a real name. Although I have yet to meet another Cyriak, I know they are out there somewhere.

Where does it come from?

It was accidentally invented 2000 years ago by ants, who constructed the first Cyriak from masticated sediments.

What software do you use?

Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. And occasionally Flash.

Would you consider doing work for no money?

Only for my own projects I'm afraid. Drop me an email if you want to know my rates.

Can I use your animations on my website?

Feel free to embed any of my youtube videos on your site, but don't copy them and re-host them anywhere. For my GIFs, you will need to give me a credit and a link back to this site. If you are unsure then drop me an email.

Are there any animation tutorials that would help me rip copy emulate what you do?

After my secret animation formulas are you? I guard them with lasers and electrified guard dogs. Rock hard they are, don't mess.

You can email me at this address:

If you are interested in hiring my services then there is more about me on my info page, including my current showreel and past commercial work.

For all other enquiries I have compiled a small list of FAQs over there on the left, in case that helps...

I've also got a bunch of links here for friends of mine.

Kookizu Lovelly jewelry designs by a good friend of mine, if you like cute and dark then check it out. She also does excellent t-shirts

Sarahbear A collection of cute and funny animations and illustrations by Sarahbear, rescued after her site exploded.

Paul Bedser Fantastic illustrator and very old mate of mine, go go Paulio.

Sheep films Weird and wonderful video trickery.

Sqoo media A web genius mate of mine who helps me keep this site running - need a professional website? Sqoo is your man

GPS Drawing The Global Positioning System drawing project: this is some kind of madness an old mate of mine Hugh Pryor is involved with.

Foolproof Projects The website of band Braer Rabbit, featuring the talents of Puffin Boy and friends.

Sea of Something Flat-sharing in Brighton recreated in comic form by Annie Hall.

b3ta A continuous stream of deranged creativity. I spend far too much time here.